Baseball School

Mt. Prospect Park District has teamed up with Pastime Athletics to provide
this baseball school. The program will give players a chance to learn
advanced baseball/softball fundamentals from a professional coaching
staff. Players will be broken down by age. Instructor qualifications are
High School and College Baseball players as well as High School Head
Coach and Associate Pro Scout. Instructor Pastime Athletics. Min
5/Max 25. (JP)

Rookies (6-7 yr) & Minors (8-9 yr)
These levels incorporate baseball into fun interactive games and activities
that preach developmental skills. This is the perfect class for any future
star. Hitting, Fielding, Throw & Catch, Pitching and Baserunning are some
of the activities covered.

Majors (10-11 yr) & All-Stars (12-14 yr)
Players will learn specific drills, explanations of proper fundamentals as
well as learning what it takes to make it playing travel, high school, college
or pro ball.