What People Are Saying ......

"In my 8 years of playing Little League and 6 years coaching it, this Fall League was the most enjoyable I ever had....  Just old fashion basball.  This is why the kids loved it so much.  Their parents could not have been happier.  We will be playing next year and I will be spreading the word to where we play over the summer.  I brought 5 kids from Palatine.  They all loved it.  Next year I might bring 25."

Games - Instruction - Clinics - Fun

Ages : 6-14 yrs

August 23, 2014 - October 5, 2014*

Mt. Prospect Park District has teamed up with Pastime Athletics to provide this great instructional league. We’ll give players an opportunity to play in a relaxed environment, develop their skills and provide all players a chance to be exposed to positions they might not have been able to play this past summer. Ultimately, the goal is to get out and play, learn the game and have fun in the process

AGE PROGRAM    LEVEL        DAY    DATE            R/NR FEE

6-7*  Baseball **     Rookies       Sat     8/23-10/4*      $85/95

8-9   Baseball **     Minors         Sat     8/23-10/4*      $85/95

10-11 Baseball **    Majors         Sat     8/23-10/4*      $85/95

12-14 Baseball **    Pros            Sat     8/23-10/4*      $85/95

7-9 Softball **         Rookies       Sun    8/24-10/5*       $85/95

10-13 Softball **      Majors        Sun     8/26-10/5*       $85/95

Age is determined as of 9/1/14

6-7 Rookies Baseball is Coaches Pitch.

** Baseball / Softball played at Meadows Park.


The purpose of Fall Development League games are to create an atmosphere where players can enjoy the game, give them the confidence to try new positions, make friends and have a lot of fun. We believe the fall is a time where there should not be the pressure of wins and losses. Because of this, we will not keep records and will not stress the final score. Teams are created by the league, via evaluations, to try and create a level playing field. To guarantee consistent start times, there is an 1:40 game time limit with speed up rules put in to each game. 7 games are scheduled with a rain out date. Baseball games are on Saturday’s, Softball are on Sunday’s but are subject to change when there are rain/weather issues.


Instruction is a key piece to the success of the Development League. Pastime Athlet-ics, whose staff consists of coaches from Major League Baseball, College and High School, as well as scouts and current/former players. Pastime Athletics will teach the fundamentals of the game to the participants in the league. Their staff will work with each team in an instructional practice. They will provide interactive videos and will offer question and answer sessions to coaches, parents and players throughout the season. This will be a Park District Program with a Professional training staff!