GOAL UNITED Soccer Child Development Ages 1-6

Ponies (18 months-24 months With Parent)
Fun, fun, fun! This class is designed to give child and parent an enjoyable session of basic soccer. Activities will give each child a chance to learn how to have fun with sport through a variety of games and activities. What better way to start off your child/parent sports relationship?

Phillies (25 months - 30 months With Parent)
Phillies is the next step in the Goal! United program. This class is meant to start giving a child basic coordination skills while keeping with the activities that will promote an enjoyable experience. It can also be a great introduction class as well.

Stallions (2.5 years-3.5 years Adult Involvement)
Stallions is meant to be more advanced than a Phillies class. It will also give the child, who is not ready to go on his/her own, one more class with an adult. A strong focus on developing an ability to participate on their own is seen in this session. At the same time, Stallions will still promote basic coordination with lots of fun!

Thoroughbreds (3-4 year old beginners)
OUR MOST POPULAR CLASS! Students will be given their first main soccer experience in the program. The class will focus on coordination of basic soccer fundamentals. Students will also start to learn the importance of how a team works in soccer. This is truly a great class for a future soccer star.

Broncos (3-4 year old advanced)
Broncos is the next progression after completing Thoroughbreds. Broncos is designed to be a more advanced class for a 3-4 year old. Some actual soccer games will be part of each class.

Racers (5-6 year olds)
Racers classes are meant to bridge the learning gap before starting park district soccer leagues. Students will learn more advanced soccer skills and techniques while still keeping the focus on Goal! United's core values of building courage, confidence, concentration and coordination while still having lots of fun!