Roster Space Is LIMITED!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up early for the Winter League. This will give you the best chance at guaranteeing a roster spot. 

We had 300+ participants in the Fall League and we can only accommodate half that number in the winter due to space availability. 


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2014 MPPD Indoor Baseball Winter League

Welcome to the 2014 Pastime Athletics MPPD Winter League

Sunday's - Mppd RecPlex Courts 2&3

Group One - 12:00 - 1:15    Ages 5-7
Group Two - 1:15 - 2:30    Age 8
Group Three - 2:30 - 3:45    Age 9
Group Four - 3:45 - 500        Ages 10-12

How Winter League Works

What Do I Do When I Arrive?
When you arrive, unless you are have the 12pm time, you will be asked to wait for the other session to end before you come onto the court. While you wait, we will have an area set up for you to wait in.

Where Do The Parents Go?
Unless you have volunteered to help, we ask that you stay in the designated seating area in the balcony.

What Do I Do When It Is My Turn On The Court? (The Player)
Once it is your turn to come onto the court, you will be asked sit on the benches set up on the court. There will be a video screen set up which will be used when we go over the fundamental for the day.

What Do I Do If I am a Volunteer?
If you have already done so, our you want to volunteer to assist with the session, we ask that you come sit on the court bleachers as well. There will be a specific bench reserved for the volunteers. Normally it is next to the presentation screen.

What Will A Normal Sunday Session Look Like?

Presentation of the Fundamental For The Week
Each week we will cover a new baseball fundamental. That fundamental will be demonstrated by the Pastime Athletics staff. They will use video, 3D analysis and live demos to give you the best opportunity to become better.

Practice/Apply the Fundamental of the Week
Because we have such a large space to use, we have the opportunity to simulate more realistic baseball activity. This will allow each player to be better adjusted to real baseball game situations once the weather improves and the regular season begins.

Normally this time of year we are stuck hitting into a net in the garage, throwing a ball against the wall, or if we are lucky, training in a batting cage. Any practice is good practice but those are limiting due to the severe space restrictions.

With this Winter League we can work on team fundamentals, real baserunning situations, catching line drives, knowing which base is the force out and much more. Winter League players will be weeks ahead of the spring league players just because of the ability to practice what was just listed.

Actually, those are the exact situations the high school teams try to simulate in March when they first start practicing.

Sandlot Baseball
In order to master a craft, you must develop a passion for it. That passion comes from having fun playing and enjoy it with others. Because of this, we will break up into different teams each week when we simulate these real baseball games. This won't be the serious and sometimes stressful regular season. It will offer a fun atmosphere while giving your son/daughter the skills to succeed in the regular season. Although we will have the same kids in their respective sessions, we will make different teams each week

Pastime Athletics Coaches
The Pastime Coaches will control the games and activities. Because we want to ensure that you get the most out of your time,  You will see us doing most of the pitching when batters are hitting. You will also see us bring the group together during a game situation when we feel it is a good learning opportunity for the players. As a coach myself, I have always wanted to be able to stop a game and help my players learn when a certain situation came up. An example for the younger ground would be force outs or what a runner needs to do when the batter hits a pop up. An older age example would be how to be aggressive on the bases on a ball in the outfield or what a good hitter is thinking with 2 strikes. As you can see, this will be valuable for all involved. If you would like to volunteer to assist, please come down and help. The more knowledge we pass on, the better we all are.

Zepp Account

We are asking that everybody downloads the Zepp Baseball app on their phone or tablet. We will need you all to register your own account and fill in the details. -  -- PLEASE try to be accurate in when you register your user details.
You will be giving Pastime Athletics access to the user accounts so your scores can be recorded during Winter League play.
Accurate emails are needed. You must only use the password of winter with the account. That way you won't be giving out secret passwords.
Download the Zepp Baseball App in the Apple Store
Download the Zepp Baseball App in the Google Play Store

Shirts will be given out before the final week of the Winter League Program. Remember we are off for the Super Bowl!

Remember, we will be in the gym. Only athletic shoes are allowed. You will not be able to use baseball cleats. You do not allow sandals, nor do we let players go with bare feet. Please try to wear pants and not shorts. The ground is not the best for bare knees. Each player can bring his or her own bat, glove and hat.

You will be given a hitting mechanics workbook that you can review and use. You will receive the workbook via email at the start of the second week of the Einter League. This is actually from John Mallee Major League Hitting Coach of the Houston Astros. He is widely considered to be one of the very best teachers of hitting in the world.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Trevor Stocking
Pastime Athletics

Your Time Slot

Thank you for registering for the Winter League. We are very excited to start and wanted to let you know what your time-slot is with the program. Please email if there is a major time conflict. We can try our best to work something out.  The time slots have are by age breakdowns. ***Your Time Slot Group Number is displayed on the Subject of this email.***

Sunday's - Mppd RecPlex Courts 2&3

Group One - 12:00 - 1:15
Group Two - 1:15 - 2:30
Group Three - 2:30 - 3:45
Group Four - 3:45 - 500

FLYER - Click Here
Mt. Prospect Park District has teamed up with Pastime Athletics staff to provide a great opportunity to play baseball during the winter and be a step ahead once spring baseball starts! This instructional league is designed to give players an opportunity to play in a relaxed environment, develop their skills and provide all players a chance to get ready for the upcoming spring baseball season. Abbreviated indoor baseball games, to fit within the indoor space will be played each week along with instructional training during each session. A new instructional skill will be focused on for their development each week! This is a fast paced, enjoyable program that will allow players a chance to work on their hitting, defense, baserunning and more! Each participant will receive a t-shirt and a training manual that they can use during the regular season. A parent/coaches training session will be offered as well. Games and activities will be played at the RecPlex Fieldhouse Gyms.

Rookies - Ages 5-7 Code 20552
Minors - Ages 8-9 Code 20553
Majors - Ages 10-12 Code 20554

Sunday Jan 26 - March 2 (Off Feb 2 Super Bowl)
- times will be between Noon-5pm (1 hour 15 minute sessions)

$85/$95 R/NR

* No Games 2/2 - Super Bowl
^ Games will take place at Recplex starting at 11:00am (times will vary but will be over by 5:00pm)